Editor's Note:, This poem, "My Home Town" was written by Ben Ferguson and published in The Burden Times in 1937, two years after Ben graduated from Burden High School; Ben memorized what he wanted to say while plowing, and wrote it, afterwards. The poem was given to Bob Wesbrooks who thought it brought back a lot of memories, and the editor agreed.


    Just east of the city of Winfield On the edge of the Flint Hills Grassland, Lies a very small metropolis In which the people are a jolly band.

    The folks are very industrious and do the work there is to be done.

     No matter how busy they are though, There is always time for fun.

    Some people have never been there And I think they should know, Some of the business men and what they have to show.

     Everyone who has a business- There's thirty-five or more, Welcome you with a smile Just as you enter the door.

     Tom and Herman are the bakers, And Boy! how they can bake; When you smell and taste their pastries, You wonder just what they couldn't make.

     Dick Alexander is the editor of the weekly Burden Times. He prints the news and advertisements In plain and well-typed lines.

     The town has four mighty grocery men On Saturday they have a race. The one with the lowest prices Sells his goods by the case.

     Pod and Herbert are the barbers, And do they know their stuff? If one is broke and they know you, You can get haircut on the cuff.

     The City's best business is filling stations. Five seem to get along all right. Courtney likes to cut the prices, But Basil is the only one who will fight.

     Max cannon is the little old ice man, Selling the coolest stuff in town. But when you're in a hurry That boy Just can't be found.

     The restaurant business must be good, four people couldn't be wrong. The business is well divided And they all seem to get along.

     Henderson manages the drug store, And a very smart man is he. If you want something to rub your lumbago He's the very one to see.

   Brooks and Sumner are the hardware men; Satisfaction is their motto. Some people think they are a little high, But it's cheaper than driving elsewhere by auto.

    Now some people in business I have failed to mention. But if you come to town with money They Will get your attention.

    Business isn't the only thing the people really do. There are places for education A fine school and churches, too.

     The churches are two in number And always well attended. Through the influence of the kind old pastors Many lost souls have been mended.

    At the north end of Main Street Stands the city's only institution. There they teach many subjects From the ABC's to the constitution.

     I may travel East, West, North or South, Over land and maybe sea, But the little town of Burden Will always be Home Sweet Home to me.

Written by Ben Ferguson