July 1885...A committee assessment reported value of taxable property in the City of Burden to be $104,903.00.
June 1899...A notice was printed in The Burden Eagle prohibiting the playing of baseball or any ball games in Forrest Park on Sunday.
May 13, 1889...It was noted in the New Enterprise that Burden has the best race track in southern Kansas.
Sept. 7 1894...City councilmen voted to build an amphitheater on the west side of the track ( a short time later, changed the location to the east side of the track in Forest Park)also, 600 feet of fence for the protection of the people. Cost of the amphitheater not to exceed $150.00.
August 1895...Plans were made to build a floral hall and auditorium at the park. Charles Hoyland was employed as head carpenter for $2.00 per day.
August 1894...The city allowed the stock show and racing association the use of the park for three days during September.
Sept. 1894...Mayor Rowland appointed collectors at the amphitheater during the fair, also had 500 tickets printed for the amphitheater.
Aug. 1884...A poll tax was levied on all male citizens between the age of 21 and 50 years of age in the City of Burden for general purposes.
June 1899...the City Marshal received $1.00 a day for his services./font>
April 1887...A public street was opened up around the school house grounds.
MMay 1886...An ordinance was passed making it unlawful for minors to get on and off moving trains in the City of Burden.

June 1886...An ordinance was passed compelling all hogs to be moved beyond the city limits between the first of May and the first of November.

April 1887...An ordinance was passed requiring all owners of chickens to keep them from running at large.
Feb. l883... When the town of Burden petitioned to become a city of the class,  the Population was 293.
April 1880...Ford and Leonard, located at the corner of Main and 5tb Streets, members of the Town Company, were the first businessmen to locate in Burden. They had two large stone store rooms 50 x 80. Their store was built in 1880.

1883...After the organization of the City of Burden in Feb. 1883, the Council met in the Burden Bank owned by Henthorn Bros. without charge for rooms, light or fuel, until Sept. 1884. At that time Peter T. Walton tendered to the use of the City for a Council Chamber one of the rooms in the new building "The State Bank of Burden", gratis, during the current year.  The offer was accepted with thanks and the next meeting was held in the new Council Chamber. In April of 1885 the City Clerk was ordered to make a contract with S. J. Day, Esq., for the Court and Council Chamber in the Day building at $7.00 per month for two years. The room was used for Council Chamber, Court Room for Police Judge and Office of Justice of the Peace.

Nov 19 1936  E. L. King, who has been assisting at the Albert Franklin cafe for the past several weeks, has accepted a position as used car salesman at the H. P. Triplett Chevrolet Co. garage.