Dr. J. M. Wright   Was the first physician in Burden.
Dr. J. H. Phelps
Dr. H. B. Rude
Dr. Cabtree
Dr. A. A. Newman
Dr. M. B. McClung
Dr. W. H. Manser, from 1884 For about thirty-five years
Dr. E. E. Brooks, served the community from 1908 until 1955.
Dr. Richard G. Gibson  Osteopathic Physician     Over Post Office
Dr. J. J. Jarvis   Chiropractor
Dr. J. J. A. Manser was the first dentist to locate in Burden
Dr. J. A. Cave    Veterinarian

Dulcie and Edgar Brooks Under the Apple Tree


Dulcie, Kenneth and  Edgar Brooks


 Dr. E. E. Brooks