Can anyone tell us what this club was?

Thanks to Troy K. Combs we are starting to learn a little bit about the 22 Club.

"Charles S. Locknane. -He whose name initiates this sketch is one of the prominent young business men of Topeka, where he is identified with a number of business interests, but especially with the financial insurance business. He was born on a farm near Wetmore, Nemaha County, Kansas, Feb. 12, 1869, his parents being David M. and Clarissa E. (Owens) Locknane, both natives of Kentucky, where the former was born near Winchester, March 13, 1823, and the latter, Dec. 30, 1830. Beside his connection with the Modern Woodmen, Mr. Locknane has given much attention to accident insurance, having had for the past twelve years a business connection with what is known as the "Fraternal 22 Club," a sick and accident organization that is today operating in thirty-six states of the Union and since 1905 Mr. Locknane has been its sole owner."