Evelyn Watt Family Pictures

Cambridge grade School Play - 1922 

Some of the Fairies are Flossie Brown, Evelyn Hammer, and Maxine Waldroupe


Cambridge High School Girls Glee Club - 1931

Front row L to R: Maxine Waldroupe, Evelyn Hammer,  Charlotte Tredway,  Blanche Beamer 

Wilma Miller,  Flossie Brown,  Nellie Thompson

Back Row L to R:  Lelia Holt,  Aline Logdon,  Flossy Lowe,  Ellen Harris, Margaret Waldroupe

Mildred Benjamin,  Alleen Caldwell,  Mary Hendrickson

They broadcasted over Winfield Studio the fall of 1930

Singing "Out of the Dust to You" and "Murmuring Brooks"


Cambridge Junior Orchestra - 1929

L to R:  Evelyn Hammer, Unknown,  Hiebert,  Wilma Miller,  Flossie Brown,  Unknown,  Lucille Razook


Cambridge Junior High - 1929

Front Row L to R:  Maxine Waldroupe,  Lucille razook, Evelyn Hammer

Middle Row L to R: Wilma Miller,  Flossie Brown,  Unknown,

Back Row L to R:  Lloyd Mordy,  Sumner,  Robert Craft,  Earl Fromm


Girls of 8th Grade Graduation - 1930

L to R:  Evelyn Hammer,  Charlotte Tredway,  Maxine Waldroupe
Cambridge Baccalaureate Services 1939