John W, Groom & Emma Celeste Stuber

Married 29 July 1873


Samuel Dabney Groom & Lucinda (Thompson) Groom



Emma Celeste Stuber   Age 16


Herbert S. Groom & Amy Woodside

Married 18 Dec, 1901





            Samuel Dabney Groom was born 13 September 1821 in Louisa County, Virginia. Recent research by Groom descendant Idonna Groom Coffelt, leads us to believe that the line of Samuel Dabney Groom who came to Cowley County KS in 1869 descends from Captain Humphrey Parrish ( -1823). and Mary Ann Raine (-1845).

Following is the line of descent:

Captain Humphrey Parrish and Mary Ann Raine


Samuel Groom (abt. 1795-abt. 1835)) and Mary "Polly” Parrish (1794-1869)


Samuel Dabney Groom (1821-1892) and Lucinda Thompson (1823-1901)


Humphrey Parrish Jr. served as a captain in the Virginia Militia in the Revolution. He lived in Goochland Co. VA. Several of their children migrated west and by 1843 son Samuel Dabney was in Missouri where  he married Lucinda Thompson in Cole County, Missouri in September 1843. By 1850 Samuel Dabney and his family were in Peoria County IL where they were joined by siblings Catharine Groom Crank, Mary J. Groom Hutchinson, William, John, Charles,, and Louisa.

            After Samuel Dabney’s son, John W. returned from military service during the Civil War he and his younger brother, Charles Andrew, accompanied their father to Kansas and were in Cowley County on Christmas Eve of 1869.

            They made two or three trips to Kansas before bringing the rest of the family to settle in the area of Wilmot in Richland Township. Other members of the Groom family followed them to Cowley County. Peoria Alice who had married Alexander Kelly, James Pierson and his wife, Sarah (Daniels) and William were all in Richland Township by 1875.


Children of Samuel D. and Lucinda Groom were:
John William Groom b.. 7 July 1845, Cole Co. MO, d. 22 Jan 1928  Los Angeles CA.
James Pierson Groom b. 27 Mar 1848 Cole Co. MO, d. 10 Jan 1923 Cowley Co. KS.
Lydia Ann Groom b. 11 Oct 1850 Peoria Co. IL, d. 17 Sep 1852  in IL.
Charles Andrew Groom b.. 1 Oct 1853 Peoria Co. IL, d. 3 Dec 1910 Cowley Co. KS.
Peoria Alice Groom b. 22 Nov 1856 Peoria Co. IL, d. 4 Sep 1934 Cowley Co. KS
Elnora Lucretia Groom b. 20 Nov 1859 Peoria Co. IL, d. 25 Mar 1940 Texas Co. MO.
Emma Louisa Groom b. 27 Dec 1862 Peoria Co. IL, d. 21 Jun 1935 Cowley Co. KS

          Samuel and other members of the Groom family were widely involved in community affairs.  Samuel Dabney and Lucinda Groom lived out their lives in the Wilmot neighborhood. Samuel died at the age of 71 on 22 January 1892 and Lucinda died at age 78 on 13 February 1901. Both were buried in the Wilmot cemetery.




            John W. Groom was born 7 July 1845, Cole County, Missouri but spent most of his youth in Peoria County, Illinois. At age twenty he enlisted in Company M, 11th Regiment of the Illinois Volunteer Cavalry during the Civil War. He served as a scout and was discharged 30 September 1865 after being thrown from a horse.

            John had fallen in love with a girl he had know all his life, Emma Celeste Stuber, daughter of  Adam and Louisa (Groom) Stuber. When he asked Emma to marry him she replied that she could not because they were cousins – Louisa being the sister of Samuel D. Groom. As was common in those days, no one had told Emma that she was the daughter of Adam Stuber’s first wife, Elizabeth Sirlott who died in child birth. After they explained that she was Louisa’s step-daughter she gladly agreed to marry John.

                John accompanied his father and brother, Charles, to Kansas hoping to get a homestead under the new homestead law enacted by the U. S. government. They arrived in what is now Winfield area on Christmas Eve 1869 and joined the others gathered around a roaring campfire to celebrate Christmas.

            John found the land he wanted on Dutch Creek, two miles north of an area later known as Wilmot.

            He returned to Peoria and married Emma on 29 July 1873. They settled near Wilmot and lived there until retirement.  Their farm has changed hands two or three times but was purchased by the family of James Pierson Groom and it is remains in the family’s possession.

            John’s favorite pastime was to play horseshoes at Island Park and he especially enjoyed the annual Old Soldiers Encampment in the park. He was the only child of Samuel Groom who stayed in the Cowley County area.

            Emma died 20 December 1927, two weeks after being hit by a car on the streets of Winfield. John died 18 May 1928. Both husband and wife are buried in the Wilmot Cemetery.

  They had eight children:
MABLE  ARBELLA GROOM b. 16 May 1874 Wilmot KS, d. Nov 1935 Phoenix AZ, marr.
  to William Knowles.
  They had 2 children.
JESSIE GROOM b. Wilmot KS, infant death
HERBERT STUBER GROOM b. 11 Apr 1878 Wilmot KS, d. 2 Mar 1969 Winfield KS, bur.
  Wilmot Cemetery, marr. 18 Dec 1901 to Amy Woodside.
  They had 4 children.
HAROLD “Hal” ELMO GROOM b. 22 Jul 1880 Wilmot KS, d. Nov 1959 Los Angeles CA, marr.
  15 June 1904 to Bessie Woodside.
  They had 1 child.
FLOYD LESLIE GROOM b. 5 Oct 1882 Wilmot KS, d. 1 Nov 1972 Phoenix AZ, marr.
  23 Dec 1905 to Gertrude Messinger.
  They had 2 children.
EARL LEONARD GROOM b. 11 Dec 1885 Wilmot KS, d. 1 Jul 1959, Long Beach CA,
  1 marr.  to Edith Harper,   2 marr. to Lillian Shoe.
  Earl and Edith had 3 children.
ELVA FLORENCE GROOM b. 26 Sep 1888 Wilmot KS, d. 29 Oct 1974 Phoenix AZ,
  marr. 7 Dec 1908 to Robert Brian Woodside.
  No children.
JOHN FULLER GROOM b. 12 Feb 1891 Wilmot KS, d. 4 Mar 1979, Arlington VA, 
  marr. 12 Feb1918 to Carrie Leggett.
  They had 4 children.





            Born 15 June 1825 in Spesbach, Germany, Adam DeKalb Stuber was the son of Adam J. Stuber and Eve Steinmann who brought three sons to the U.S. from Germany in about 1838-40. The family went to Holmes County, Ohio where older children had settled before them.

            Adam served 1846-1848 in Co. I of the 15th U.S. Infantry during the Mexican War. He returned to Ohio but was in Peoria County, Illinois by 1851.

            He married Elizabeth Charlotte Sirlott (dau. of Nicholas Sirlott and Ketura Talliferro). Their first child, Emma Celeste was born 15 September 1853. In 1855 Elizabeth died at the birth of their second child who also died. 

            On 1 January 1856 Adam married Louisa Groom (sister of Samuel D. Groom) in Chillicothe where they lived until 1881.

            Adam served a short term in Co. M, 11th Cavalry during the Civil War but returned to Chillicothe. A. D. Stuber bought a quarter section from John W. Groom in Cowley County.

            In Chillicothe, Adam was listed as a brewer with assets worth $10,000. Family tradition says that he lost much of his money when his brewery burned in the late 1870’s.  Adam came to believe the deaths of his young children was God’s punishment for his drinking and his brewery and he became a zealous member of the Temperance Reform Club.

            Louisa had raised Adam’s daughter, Emma, as her own child and the girl was not told that Louisa was not her real mother.  When John W. asked Emma to marry him she said she could not because they were cousins. It was then that Emma was told that Louisa was not her mother and she and John could be married.

            Louisa died 14 May 1914 and Adam died 18 May 1916 — both are buried in the Wilmot cemetery. Their granddaughter, the late Thelma Groom Lanier, remembered watching the horse drawn hearse take her grandfather’s body across the prairie from the house to the cemetery.

            Several years before his death, Adam located a large stone in the pasture about the size and shape of a coffin. He instructed his grandsons to move the stone to the Wilmot cemetery where it stands as a gravestone. The original carving has deteriorated so badly that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren bought a marble slab which was properly engraved and placed on top of the pasture stone.

The children of Adam and Louisa Stuber:
James Philip Stuber b. 27 Sep 1856 Peoria Co. IL, d.  25 Jun 1929 Wilmot KS,
  1  marr.  to Sarah Emma Taylor  5 June 1859
  They had six children
  2 marr. to Mary Swain  8 Jun 1911.
  They had 2 children.
Albert DeKalb Stuber b. 22 Feb 1858 Chillicothe IL, d. 11 Jul 1915 Oklahoma City,
  1, marr. to Ada Caldwell.      They had two children
  2. marr. to Adaline Mateer.   They had four children
Eve Stuber b. Peoria Co. IL d. age 3 Peoria Co.
Minnie Stuber Adopted child, d. before 1937