James William Havens was born near Pleasant Hill in Cass County, Missouri on November 20, 1866 while his mother was staying with her sister, Sarah (Corder) Spratt and family. He and his mother Eliza (Corder) Havens left Pleasant Hill when he was still an infant or small child and moved near Overbrook, Kansas where he lived until about 1889 when he and a friend, Tom Sellers, drifted down to Arkansas. They got a job cutting wood for George W. Bowman who owned a farm and also had a Lime Kiln (burnt rock into lime). James Havens had an accident and almost cut his foot off with an axe. He stayed with the Bowman's until his foot was well.

On Jan. 4, 1892, he married Frances Emma Bowman [daughter of George W. & Penninah (Spitler) Bowman] at the courthouse in Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas. Her parents gave them a half interest in the farm (working on a 50-50 basis). While living with her parents, in a log house on a farm by the White River near Goshen in Washington County, Arkansas (southeast of Spring dale), their first son Charlie Newton Havens was born on January 5, 1895.

In 1896 they traded that farm, sight unseen, for a 120-acre farm 9 miles east and 1 mile south of Winfield, KS. They moved to that farm in March of 1896. Their second son, Daniel Bert Havens, was born there on November 17, 1902.

In 1910 they sold that farm and bought property in Springdale, Arkansas moving there in February 1911. George Bowman, Frances Emma and Bert went by Frisco Train. James Havens, Ed Bowman and Charlie went through in a covered wagon and a buggy. They left the farm in the morning of February 6th and arrived in Springdale the night of February 16th.

In 1912 James William Havens bought a half interest in a gristmill with his brother-in-law, James C. Bowman. In December 1913 they sold all of it and moved back to Winfield, KS. They rented a place in Winfield until March of 1914 when they bought a small place and moved to Eaton (12 miles east and 1 mile south of Winfield, KS) where Charlie was the Agent for the Missouri Pacific railroad. In December 1916 they sold that property and the family moved to Conway Springs in Sumner County, Kansas staying there only two months. In February 1917 they bought a 9-acre place at Floral, Kansas (9 miles north of Winfield). The family moved to Wilmot, KS in February 1925.


Railroad Depot at Eaton, Kansas - Charlie Havens, Agent -- Taken between Mar.1914 & Dec. 1916

Train stopped at Eaton Depot. - Charlie Havens, Agent

Floral School in back ground - Could be Bert Havens

Bert Havens, Cecil Havens holding Gary Havens, Goldie (May) Havens, About 1943 at Wilmot

GrandMa Havens 76 years old  1939
Grandma Havens 77 years old  1940

Emma, James, Charlie & Bert Havens,  George W. Bowman

Taken between Mar. 1914 and Dec. 1916 in front of their home in Eaton, Ks

Havens Bros. Garage in Wilmot, Ks. - men unidentified

Havens Garage in Wilmot, Ks.  Bert Havens owner

Boy standing belt pants: Gary Havens, others unidentified

First home in Cowley County near Tisdale - Taken in 1906

George W. Bowman, Penninah Emma (Spitler) Bowman, Charlie Havens, Emma (Bowman) Havens,

James W. Havens, Bert Havens, Ed Bowman

Believed to be Tom Sellers who went to Arkansas with James Havens

James William Havens checking his revolver while camped near Creek on his journey from

Douglas County, Kansas to Arkansas in 1889.

Their home in Springdale, Arkansas - Taken in 1912

Bert Havens, Jim Havens, Charlie Havens, Emma Havens, Jim Bowman, George Bowman, and Jerry Bowman

James Havens holding Bert, Charlie and Emma Havens

Taken in 1903 in Winfield, Kansas

Charlie Havens Family - taken in 1942

Back row:  Charlie,  Sherman "Dode",  Mary

Front row:  Frances and John

Eaton Kansas - 1915 Art Wilson's Ford Roadster

Bert, Charlie and Emma Havens,  George W. Bowman, Mattie Wilson, Art Wilson, James Havens

Charlie Havens,  Jan. 5 1914 - Age: 19 - weight: 219 lbs. - Height 6'6"

Cecil and Norma (Moss) Havens - taken in 1944

Charlie Havens - taken in 1896 or 1897 in Winfield, Ks

James Havens and Frances "Emma" (Bowman) Havens - Married: Jan. 4 1892, Fayetteville, Arkansas.
This is an old tin type photo and possibly their wedding picture.
Back row: Ed Bowman, Charlie Havens, James Havens,
Front row: George W. Bowman, Daniel "Bert" Havens,  and Frances "Emma" (Bowman) Havens
Taken in 1908
Daniel Bert Havens (age 4 years) - taken Nov. 18 1905
With pictures of his grandparents: Penninah and George Bowman
Frances "Emma" and Bert Havens - taken Apr. 15 1913
Charlie, Emma and Bert Havens - sitting on running board of automobile.
Back row: Bert & Goldie Havens, Margaret Huffmaster, Mary & Charlie Havens,
Front row: Cecil Havens, Dode Havens, Emma & James Havens
Jim Booe,  ??  Morland, Bobby Booe and Gary Havens
Holding their fine catch of fish.
The Burr Mill in Springdale, Arkansas - Men unidentified
Cook Wagon for the threshing crew. - James Havens standing far right, others unidentified.
Cook Wagon for the threshing crew. - Arrow points to Ed Bowman, others unidentified.
Thresh machine/Separator - Charlie Havens 3rd from left, - others unidentified.
J. N. Sanders machine, taken Mar. 20 1919 At Bailey's Tisdale, Ks
Elijah Bailey on Seperator, Homer Wycoff in Wagon,
J. N. Sanders at rear of wagon, George Martin pitching in feeder,  M. Ellington on west stack.
Charlie Havens and unknown man on steampowered tractor belted to a thresh machine.
Threshing machine crew preparing to move from one location to another.
Threshing crew - men unidentified
Steam powered tractor, 2 bundle wagons, thresh machine blowing straw into piles.
Charlie Havens on steam powered tractor.
James W. Havens, Ed Bowman, Rufas Gatton, Casper or Kasper Conrardy.
Taken in Kingman County, Kansas, Mar. 19 1919.
Charlie Havens and two unknown men standing near steam powered tractor -
tractor preparing to move a thresh machine.
Threshing crew in about 1904 - Ed Bowman on Engine.
Tom Sellers, on water wagon, others unknown.
J. N. Sanders Machine, taken on the Bailey farm Mar. 20 1919
John A. Sanders, water hauler, age 71
Jess N. Sanders, Owner & seperator man, age 36
Charlie Havens, Engineer, age 24
Buzz Saw cutting fire wood - James Havens, unidentified, unidentified, Charlie Havens,
George W. Bowman holding the pole, Bert Havens
Inside the Burr Mill in Springdale, Arkansas
Bob Stobaugh,  Jasper Henson,  James C. Bowman
The Burr Mill in Springdale, Arkansas
George W. Bowman, James Havens, James C. Bowman,
Owners and operators - Taken in 1913
Inside the Burr Mill in Springdale, Arkansas
Fred Bowman and his father James C. Bowman
Picture taken in 1923 at the home of Mrs. Lydia Bates in Floral, Ks
1: Annie Johnson,  2: Julia Dickins,  3: Mary Havens,  4: Emma Havens, 

5: Minnie Jenkins,  6: Alice Bates,  7: Lydia Bates



Edward Bowman at one time ran a little eating place in Winfield, Kansas.
It was said that Ed made the best Chili, but he would not share his recipe with any one, not even family. According to the 1927 City Directory of Winfield Ed's restaurant was located at 204 1/2 East 9th St. in Winfield.

Standard Drilling Rig and Derrick on Johnson Lease North of Floral Kansas

by Arkansas River Gas Co. of Wichita Kansas.

Charlie Havens standing on top of Derrick

  and taken by Mary Havens his wife.  1923