Garrett Gustus Markley,  Mary Florencw Markley, Owned a store in Atlanta


Frank and Eliza Gregory,  Early Atlanta residents, Parents of Flora Wilson


Lemuel and Nancy Cory Wilson,  Married 1822

1795 - 1881         1798 - 1882                           

Buried in Old Polo Cemetery, west of Atlanta


William H. Hensley  Interim minister at Atlanta Christian Church.

Lived near Cambridge,  Picture around 1896


Ralph Wilson Family,  around 1928
Ralpy, Marilyn, Pearl

Long time Atlanta residents,  Willie and Flora Wilson and oldest child Elsie,  1884.


William Lemuel and Flora Jane Wilson
Operated a dairy in Atlanta for many years.

Mayhew and Josie Crowley Wedding picture around 1914


Mayhew and Josie Crowley,  Farmers near Atlanta around 1946


Markley Family  (Left to Right)

Harve and Emily,  Garrett Gustus and May Florence,  Aaron and Josrphine,  Myrtle and Sol Hoffine, 

William and Ida,  Albert and Ellen,  Alfred and Lizzy (twins),  George and Hattie.