Name Title Date Appointed
Joseph E. Williams Postmaster 04/05/1871
Jesse M. Junken Postmaster 02/06/1873
Jesse M. Junken Postmaster 04/08/1873
Charles B. Hale Postmaster 04/03/1876
William R. Stolp Postmaster 04/03/1877
William H. Gilliard Postmaster 12/15/1879
James W. Jenkins Postmaster 03/03/1884
George B. Darlington Postmaster 08/18/1884
Joseph F. Kidwell Postmaster 08/14/1885
John S. Rash Postmaster 11/21/1887
Robert S. Strother Postmaster 06/13/1889
Shrewsberry Sweet Postmaster 01/21/1892
Robert M. Hunter Postmaster 02/15/1894
John S. Denney Postmaster 10/08/1897
John S. Rash Postmaster 11/03/1903
Thomas C. Strum Postmaster 11/20/1914
John L. Lee Postmaster 04/25/1922
Lacel G. Moss Postmaster 06/18/1934
Mrs. Helen M. Moss Acting Postmaster 03/24/1943
Elmer L. Venable Acting Postmaster 09/16/1944
Carl N. Couch Postmaster 08/02/1950
Mrs. Patricia A. Couch Officer-In-Charge 08/31/1979
Mrs. Patricia A. Couch Postmaster 12/15/1979
Delbert K. McMillan Officer-In-Charge 12/31/1987
Sherri F. Thornton Postmaster 04/23/1988

Originally established as OMNIA)

Changed to BALTIMORE on April 8, 1873

Changed to ATLANTA on August 14, 1885



Name Title Date Appointed
Enos A. Henthorn Postmaster 12/18/1879
David O. McCray Postmaster 12/14/1880
Enos A. Henthorn Postmaster 07/14/1881
John W. Henthorn Postmaster 04/01/1884
John W. Henthorn Postmaster 05/19/1884
Edward Millard Postmaster 07/20/1885
James G. Crawford Postmaster 01/12/1889
John W. Ledlie Postmaster 11/01/1893
Bert Woods Postmaster 06/29/1897
Eli A. Baum Postmaster 12/17/1908
Robert V. Grattan Postmaster 05/22/1913
Sol A. Pack Acting Postmaster 12/01/1918
Sol A. Pack Postmaster 07/28/1919
James R. Galyon Acting Postmaster 08/01/1923
James R. Galyon Postmaster 12/18/1923
Earl Hoefgen Postmaster 04/24/1936
Fred M. Allen Acting Postmaster 08/31/1944
Fred M. Allen Postmaster 06/26/1946
Francis E. Kunkel Acting Postmaster 04/30/1962
Francis E. Kunkel Postmaster 10/02/1963
Gleneva G. Winn Officer-In-Charge 09/28/1982
Christa L. (Boline) Nixon Postmaster 03/19/1983
Rita Hoving Officer-In-Charge 09/02/1986
Milo J. Smith Postmaster 11/22/1986
Carolyn L. Sinclair Officer-In-Charge 04/28/1988
Marcile K. Schooley Postmaster 07/16/1988

(Originally established as BURDENVILLE)


Changed to BURDEN on May 19, 1884





Name Title Date Appointed
Thomas J. Raybell Postmaster 07/14/1870
Manly Hemenway Postmaster 09/01/1871
Manly Hemenway Postmaster 03/05/1872
R. C. Story Postmaster 02/07/1876
Arthur J. Pickering Postmaster 05/15/1876
John W. Tull Postmaster 02/17/1879
Arthur J. Pickering Postmaster 03/04/1879
David A. Dale Postmaster 01/30/1880
Robert E. Hicks Postmaster 08/05/1881
Henry F. Hicks Postmaster 10/03/1881
Samuel J. Graybill Postmaster 12/03/1885
David T. Craft Postmaster 10/22/1886
Henry F. Hicks Postmaster 07/10/1889
Isaiah Winters Postmaster 01/04/1894
Henry F. Hicks Postmaster 07/26/1894
David T. Craft Postmaster 11/04/1895
Robert G. Musgrove Postmaster 12/03/1897
William T. Potter Postmaster 03/05/1909
Joseph E. Hoyland Postmaster 01/28/1911
Coates H. Thomas Postmaster 12/12/1914
Jesse W. Chrissman Postmaster 02/14/1920
Harry B. Gailey Postmaster 01/23/1922
Howard K. Lundy Postmaster 09/11/1933
Mrs. Christina J. Smith Acting Postmaster 10/31/1958
Boyd W. Ensley Postmaster 04/29/1960
Neva Joan Hawley Officer-In-Charge 10/17/1980
Neva Joan Hawley Postmaster 11/01/1980
Rose Ann Gomez Officer-In-Charge 10/30/2001
Cheryl L. Watt Postmaster 04/20/2002

(Originally established as JEFFERSONVILLE)

Changed to LAZETTE on March 5, 1872

Changed to CAMBRIDGE on January 30, 1880


R. C. Story, Robert E. Hicks - May not have served.

John W. Tull - Probably did not serve.




Name Title Date Appointed
Isaac B. Tod Postmaster 07/14/1870
Barton S. Tyler Postmaster 02/24/1871
James A. Bryan Postmaster 11/27/1871
Dempsey Elliott Postmaster 12/30/1872
James Harden Postmaster 09/14/1874
Mrs. Sarah A. Williams Postmaster 04/20/1875
Henry C. McDorman Postmaster 04/26/1876
Mat(t)hias Hoyt Postmaster 08/20/1877
James Harden Postmaster 02/14/1879
Mat(t)hias Hoyt Postmaster 08/22/1879
Jesse V. Hines Postmaster 11/18/1879
William E. Merydith Postmaster 09/22/1885
Samuel H. Wells Postmaster 06/03/1889
Bartholomew Enright Postmaster 12/18/1893
Samuel Nicholson Postmaster 05/26/1897
David D. Hale Postmaster 12/18/1905
Joseph Church Postmaster 12/28/1910
James R. Day Postmaster 12/17/1914
Mary R. Hale Acting Postmaster 05/01/1918
Mary R. Hale Postmaster 10/14/1918
William D. Hale Postmaster 01/29/1923
David Earl Moore Postmaster 06/26/1935
Albert C. Chambers Acting Postmaster 01/07/1940
Albert C. Chambers Postmaster 07/10/1940
Mrs. Rosalee M. Shirley Officer-In-Charge 08/23/1963
Joe Charles Duncan Acting Postmaster 09/27/1963
Bob R. Donelson Postmaster 03/14/1966
Mrs. Rosalee M. Shirley Officer-In-Charge 02/13/1981
Mrs. Rosalee M. Shirley Postmaster 04/04/1981
Gleneva G. Winn Officer-In-Charge 11/01/1983
Eula Mae Martin Postmaster 01/07/1984
Nora J. Steinbach Officer-In-Charge 06/01/1989
Nora J. Steinbach Postmaster 10/07/1989

Mat(t)hias Hoyt (1879) - May not have served.