Ramona Jean
Ramona Jean on  ElIa Adkins front porch.



Falls Into Cistern while

Playing in Yard of



  Cambridge, Kas., Oct. 27----  (Special) Toppling through the manhole of a cistern at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Fromm, Ramona Jean Adkins, two-year ­old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Basel Adkins, drowned yesterday afternoon before aid could be summoned.

     The child was playing about the Fromm yard, where the Adkins family had gone for a visit. Her mother heard her scream as she plunged into the cistern, but was unable to reach the baby. The child's father and other men of the neighborhood were some distance away and could not reach the scene in time to rescue the child.

     The body was recovered from the well by baseball players who passed by the scene of the trag­edy a few minutes after the girl fell into the water.

     The child was taken to Burden and a pulmotor from the Winfield fire department was summoned, but after working for an hour doctors gave up the task of reviving her.

     Funeral services will be held at 10 a. m. Tuesday at the Church of Christ in Cambridge. Besides her parents, the child is survived by her grandparents.  Mrs. ElIa Adkins of Cambridge, and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Leach, of Burden.