Playing Godmother in "Cinderella"


Dear Alumni Association;

     I was happy to receive the plan to put the Raider Band in uniforms!

     I owe much to the teachers and friends in the Burden Schools. Southwestern College sent a director and loaned large instruments to us when I was in the 7th grade (1924?). My Mother had a violin, which I chose to use.  We also had an out-of-school group (I remember Ralph Lefwich in it) playing violin. And we had a music teacher for singing we sent groups to County contests! And I am much concerned now, that "music" is what a school board cuts first when trying to economize!

     We have a music group here (my 62 year old son sings in it) that bought small song books for every child in the 4th - 6th grade in the system, and met with teachers to plan a big get together to sing after 3 months of practice. Very popular filled the Auditorium!!

     I taught 6 8 grades for 3 years, married and helped raise 2 wonderful children, then taught 22 more years and earned my MA. Also joined theater group and had good parts in 16 plays over 10 years!

     I joined the Peace Core for 2 years in Africa. In poor war torn Liberia. When I returned I was lucky enough to get some parts in movies and commercials.

     So Burden gave me a good start in performing arts. I am now retired, 91 years old. I live in small town in central Washington State Mt. Vernon Son Shane was Administrator of Med. Clinic now retired. Daughter Modeena and family live in Nashville.

     Anyone remember Virginia Stubbs???

     Virginia Spray      Class 1930