1924 Wheat harvest near Winfield Kansas

1: Robert Copple (father of Lee and Ruth Copple) 6: Arthur 'Art' Bonewell {behind Gertrude} 11: Unknown The five men on wagon four and five Unknown 24: on thresher Tom Fritts
2: Anthony 'Tony' Raush 7: Willis 'Billy' son of Gertrude and Art Bonewell  held by 8 12: Ruth Copple {later married Russell O'Neil} 21: Jesse 'Dick' Snell  
3: Maude (Kerr) Rausch 8: Helen Drauden {later married Lee Copple} 13: Fred 'Fritz' Drauden 22: Walter Snell Last three in wagon eight Unknown
4: Mrs. Anna Kroth her husband H. George is an Unknown 9: Unknown 14: James 'Jack' Snell 23 Henry Drauden (father of Gertrude, Helen,  
5: Gertrude (Drauden) Bonewell 10: Margaret Drauden {later married Walter Snell} 15: Michael 'Mike' Drauden Margaret and Michael