Bill Doolin

Tiring of New Mexico, Bill would return to Oklahoma to gather his family. By this time Bill and Edith had a son. Together with his family he set out to make a new life for himself. They lived the last part of 1895 near Burden, KS. But the law wasn't finished with Bill Doolin. Deputy Marshal Tilghman learned of Edith Doolin's disappearance from the Ingalls area, and was able to trail her to Burden. However, he was to late, Edith had returned to Oklahoma and a man named "Tom Wilson" had gone to Eureka Springs, AK to seek the healing treatment of the hot spas there to ease the pain of his rheumatism.

Tilghman suspected it was Doolin and proceeded to Eureka Springs were he did indeed find Doolin and was able to get the drop on him and capture him. He returned him to Guthrie and for the first time in his life Bill Doolin was behind bars.

With Bill Doolin behind bars the rest of the gang was being rounded up quick. Red Buck Waightman was killed in gun battle with deputy marshals near Arapaho, OT on March 4, 1896. Dynamite Dick Clifton is arrested on a whiskey charge in Texas. Deputy Marshal Frank Canton brought him back to Oklahoma to face a murder charge, delivering him to the Guthrie jail on June 22. Thanks to the law Bill Doolin and Dynamite Dick were back together.

Then on July 5, 1896, Bill Doolin, Dynamite Dick, and 12 other prisoners escaped from the Guthrie jail. Outside the jail Bill was able to make it back to Lawson, OT were Edith was staying with her folks. Once again they made plans to leave the territory and make a new start somewhere else for their family. Once again the law was chasing him. On Aug. 24, 1896 Bill Doolin was ambushed and killed by Deputy Marshal Heck Thomas's posse.